11 Items That Disappear Fast In A Crisis

11 Items That Disappear Fast In A Crisis

11 Items That Disappear Fast In A Crisis

Empty shelves in supermarkets and grocery stores are one of the hallmarks of every emergency. Here are the top 11 items to vanish off store shelves when the SHTF.

One of the things that makes lists and rankings so much enjoyable is that no two are exactly alike.

Today I’m going to provide you a ranking. It’s my list of the leading 10 products that will sell out before and during a crisis. I’m guessing that if you prepare your own list, the majority of these products will be the same. However a few will most likely be different.


Non-perishable food. Practically every crisis produces a power failure. Without refrigeration, non-perishable food is highly valued. It can keep you and your family going for a prolonged period of time.

Bottled Water

Water quality can be compromised in a catastrophe, so mineral water and water purifiers go quickly. It’s a good idea to have both on hand. Redundancy is a good thing when it comes down to being prepared, don’t rely on only one source for your needs.

Flashlights and Batteries

Even if you have a functioning generator (I recommend a solar one, as they are completely self-sustainable and you can run them indoors), you probably will not have the ability to keep all your lights on. Flashlights can be found in convenient both inside and outdoors, and batteries are what keep them going, so make sure you stock up.

Emergency Communications

Communications can, and do, go down when the electrical grid takes a hit. You’ll need to keep tabs on what is going on in the world around you, and these radios can help keep you informed on where to go for help if necessary and areas to steer clear of. Hand crank radios are one of the best options (shortwave and regular if possible), as you don’t have to rely on power or batteries, just a little elbow grease. CB Radios are also an excellent and cost effective choice.

Empty Store Shelves 101 – 11 Items That Disappear Fast In A Crisis


Whether someone is preparing to get out of Dodge rapidly, or just preparing to do so if needed, having your gas tank full should be a priority. I also recommend having jerry cans of gas stored at your home, but be aware that it will only keep for so long without stabilizers, so make sure you are cycling your supply to keep it from going bad, and don’t store TOO much.

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Medical Kits

Many folks already have these in their houses, however having one in various other locations like your car is also a great idea. You never know when you might need one when away from your house or if you have to “bug out” in a hurry. Make certain to include your human and pet medications, if any are needed.


Once again, everybody currently has these, however the fear of running out– in your home or on the road– is a major reward for acquiring more. Getting a broad assortment is the way to go. Think past toilet paper alone,

Infant Products

You may not have a child in your house, however diapers and other child products will go very rapidly in a crisis. Some folks stock up on these items even if they don’t have an infant, due to their bartering worth.

The Small Stuff

Many smaller items that we use every day without thinking about how it would impact our lives to be without them can vanish off store shelves rapidly, including ones you may not think of. Items such as plastic bags, trash cans, duct tape, lighters, can openers and rope. Also keep in mind such things as basic tools like hammers, nails, screwdrivers, wrenches, and so on as well.

Guns and Ammunition

You probably will not discover these items at your local supermarket, however they are quite in demand prior to and during a crisis. Disasters bring out the best in some people, however they also highlight the worst in others. Protecting what you’ve stockpiled for an emergency might require you to purchase a weapon and ammo.

Make sure to research different calibers before you select one, and a big consideration to keep in mind is the cost of ammo. Also, if you can get one caliber in multiple platforms (ex: (mm pistol and rifle) you can be more cost effective in stockpiling your ammo for multiple uses


Now, in a great deal of ways, each crisis will determine to some degree which items fly off the store shelves the fastest, but we can picture that in most emergencies, the power will be out. That’s why the # 1 survival item that sells out in most stores during a natural or man made disaster is a generator.

Solar generators are another smart option due to the fact that they produce an endless supply of electrical power when you need it most– without gas, fumes or sound.

If you are proactive and take the steps now to get prepared, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you won’t have to worry about whether or not you will be able to find what you need for any natural disaster or emergency that comes your way

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