Being Prepared – The Top 7 Things To Focus On

Being Prepared

Being prepared for emergencies, natural disasters or political and social unrest is an important topic these days.

Before the coronavirus hit the USA and the world at large leaving individuals panicking and shelves barren, you probably visualized preppers as middle-aged white guys that fantasized about surviving nuclear war and a zombie apocalypse.

Now, not so much anymore … your view has probably changed quite a bit. For years, people made fun of me for being a bearded “prepper,” but now these same people are asking me for guidance, as they can see what is happening in America and around the world.

From the energy blackouts in Pakistan, Italy, and other places to the winter snowstorm that knocked out power to much of Texas, being prepared is definitely an important topic.

With many countries asking people to stay home as much as possible, it is definitely helpful to make sure you have the basics of survival on-hand for at least a few weeks, and months if financially possible.

Here are the top 7 things that any rational prepper should be stocking up on right now.

1. Water Procurement

Obtaining bottled water is an excellent beginning point, however it is relatively costly and also the supply is unlikely to last in a longer emergency situation. This will be one of the first things to disappear off the shelves in an emergency situation.

You will need to get a supply of chlorine for cleaning containers that you’ll use for storing water. Do not use any kind of containers that have held fruit juices or proteins, such as milk, because that they can not be properly disinfected.

If you live in a rural area you probably have a drilled or dug well, so an alternative energy source like a generator or solar panels to operate your well pump would be a good idea.

A supply of water purification tablets would be a good backup source of water as well.

2. Gardening For Self-Sufficiency

Long-term survival requires obtaining a dependable source of sustainable food, and also among the easiest beginning points is to have the resources required for horticulture. This means acquiring seeds as well as finding out the essentials of elevating plants. It’s a good idea to not end up being too dependent in your gardening efforts upon points like commercial fertilizers, as these are not likely to be widely available as soon as shipments of nitrates and also phosphates stop.

If you had a time maker, you might intend to return in time as well as purchase 50 acres, but your best bet now is to use what you have. Our supply chain is being worried to its limits, and even if barren shelves are a lot more a signs and symptom of panic purchasing than a real scarcity, anything we can do to soothe anxiety on the supply chain will aid. Spring is almost here, so now is the perfect time. You may require much less area than you assume.

3. Learn How To Store Food Properly

Being Prepared

The very best method to leverage your food stock is to understand how to preserve it for long term storage.

Canning is still widely practiced in many of the world’s country areas, and it’s a fantastic method to make sure that your supply of vegetables and fruits lasts your family into the leaner times of the year, or through the winter months, depending on where you live geographically..

Other time tested preservation methods include drying and smoking meat, which is a great and valuable skill to learn.

Artificial refrigeration has made us very dependant on the electrical grid, but what if it goes down for an extended period of time?

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Root cellar storage is the solution, and can be done with a traditional one in the ground, to something as simple as a cold room in your basement.

4. Salt

There is a reason that salt has been a traditionally traded good throughout most of human history, at some points as valuable as silver and gold. Salt stores easily as long as it is kept dry, but requires space for storage, so that is something to consider when getting your storage supply area all set up.

Salt is not only good as a food storage item, it would also be valuable as a tradeable commodity or currency if things get really bad.

Due to the fact that salt is relatively inexpensive now, it’s probably great idea to prepare ahead and get a dependable supply of it before things head south.

5. Tools

Being Prepared

You can NEVER have too many tools, trust me. I’ve lived on my property out in the country for over 20 years and still find times when I require a tool that I don’t have.

You will need to assume in an extended emergency situation that you might be responsible for fixing and maintaining your house, car, weapons, equipment, etc.

Make sure not to concentrate just on power tools either, if the power goes out, you’ll need to go back to hand tools, so make sure you’ve got the basics covered.

Hammers, saws, screwdrivers, and even rope can prove to be invaluable in an emergency scenario.

Make sure that you don’t neglect fasteners like nails and screws either.

6. Long Term Emergency Food Storage

Long term emergency food storage kits can feed a single person or a family members for days and even months, and can remain in your storage area for literally years, some as long as 25 years. They’re often sold in buckets with a sealed lid. Vendors like My Patriot Supply also market big canisters of various emergency foods that can be securely kept for many years.

People use to poke fun at individuals that purchased long term storage food containers, but they are certainly not laughing anymore.

After water resources, emergency situation food provisions ware among the first things to sell out. My Patriot Supply saw a 100-fold boost in orders of emergency food shortly after the pandemic started, and also the company now claims wait times of 12 weeks or more for orders.

7. A Positive Mental Attitude

The thing that ties all of this together is something you can not purchase: a positive mental “can do” attitude.

It’s been thoroughly documented that your absolute best weapon in the fight to survive a bad situation is a favorable mental attitude. We all have our weak moments, however a whiny, defeated, negative attitude will absolutely crush you.

We are definitely living in interesting time, but your best weapon that will enable you to weather the storm is to remain positive, highlight the favorable, and count your true blessings.

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