Preparing For Winter

Preparing For Winter

Preparing For Winter

I’ve been working on a few “prepper” related projects on my 60 acres of heaven out in the bush in rural Manitoba the last couple of days.

Maybe it’s the fact that winter is coming that seems to light a fire under your ass, but can’t say the current state of the world is helping out either.

Here is out current gate setup, with this our acreage is completely cut off from any form of vehicular travel when it’s locked. Got a heavy duty 3/8″ chain and a commercial grade boron padlock to go with it

Preparing For Winter

Preparing For Winter


I also got a shooting range all setup in the backyard, complete with hemp bale backdrop and laminated pine to pin targets onto. Longest distance is just about 100 yards give or take, perfect for sighting in my .22 and .243.

Marksmanship is so important for hunting, as this is a primary means of obtaining meat in the fall.

Preparing For Winter        Preparing For Winter

Got my snares ready to go as well, time to start tracking and finding trails in the bush once the snow settles in a bit thicker.

Preparing For Winter


Should be lots of tasty rabbit stew coming up in the bitter cold winter months.

Plus, there’s nothing quite as tasty as free meat, am I right?

Ended off the day with some trap bar deadlifts (this is from my home gym where I train in person clients). It was almost the perfect day, it’s always so refreshing to get tasks on your “to do” list accomplished along with breaking a bit of a sweat as well.

Preparing for winter is an important aspect of fall in our climate, and today was a great day for a few of those tasks…

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